A post-script to yesterday’s blog post. A newly found clipping that has left me rather shaken by these ghosts from 140 years past.

Three months of research and this did not come up in a single British Newspaper Archive search until now.

Here we have it:

The Sporting Life, Wednesday 13 July 1892:

Read Part I and Part II of Ching Ghook’s story.

6 thoughts on “CHING GHOOK WANTED

  1. Your article mentions ‘a chap called Clarence Holt’. I’m trying to trace more info on Clarence Holt who is my great great grandfather. Through Sporting Life articles I’ve actually identified this was not his real name, rather an alias or cognomen. His real name seems to be T Levey/Levy or Ike.

    I picked up on the story of Ching Ghook who appears in several articles that Clarence Holt also is mentioned and was intrigued. Have enjoyed reading his story especially finding my great greatgrandfather mentioned.


    1. Hi Karen, thanks for getting in touch. Great news! The use of aliases causes us all 50 times more work haha, although it’s just as bad when I’m hunting for men with incredibly common names like Jim Smith and George Brown 🙂 (I suspect Ching Ghook, or Hook, whose real name was Hezekiah Moscow, may not actually have been called Hezekiah Moscow originally either…). Can’t say I’ve seen much about Clarence/Ike around on my travels but then, I haven’t been looking! Would love to hear more. Thanks for reading, so glad you enjoyed the stories – S.


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